Let’s solve the need for education of Employer-Sponsored Benefits

QUESTION: How can this be accomplished throughout the year with the limited time and resources available within our organization?

Go outside of the organization! Your Benefit Broker is a source and should be responsible for providing the education to your employees. This Broker, working within the parameters set by the organization, should have the tools available to educate and “not just sell benefits.”

Your Broker needs to ahve online education capabilities. Guardian Insurance produced a survey of Benefit Administrators that shows “over the next five years, administrators who rank Online Tools as very important, will increase 27%.” Online systems can be designed to handle paperless enrollment, changes in status, provide marketing program works to educate the employee and their family about the employer’s program. The face-to-face program allows the employee to discuss if the product fits his or her family’s needs and allows the employee to ask the personal question about their individual situations.

At Fringe Benefit Resources we can use online tools and blend this capability with other methods such as employee group meetings, face-to-face, utilize your organization’s e-mail and newsletters. Only 35% of employees surveyed rated their employer’s Benefit communication as adequate. Of the 35%, 65% stated they lacked someone familiar emough with the employer-provided benefits to discuss special issues. Throughout the year, not only new employees but all “benefit eligible” employees need a systematic schedule of opportunities to visit with the Broker about their current program or programs available for their enrollment at the next Open Enrollment. We offer our clients monthly or quarterly scheduled dates to be available for face-to-face appointments with employees who want to discuss such subjects as

  • How to file a claim
  • Re-evaluate their current enrollment
  • Find more cost-effective ways of providing needed benefits or beneficiary-address-benefit changes

Having a schedule set for employees allows the organization to delegate time for Benefit education to the Broker and provide a contact for the employee to answer their questions.

Next issue we will discuss the medical expense reimbursement benefit within the section 125 plan and how this “under-utilized” benefit can increase profits for the employer and increase the “bottom line” for the employee.

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