Enrollment Process Heightens Benefit Value, Unlocks Success in Hospital Talent Search

In today’s tight labor market, providing health care employees with a clear understanding of the value of their benefits package is crucial. It could sway an employee’s decision about whether to change jobs if he or she recognizes the true value of benefits versus a competitor’s salary

One of the top benefits priority among hospitals is to reduce paper pushing, as well as the errors associated with keying in employee information, since their HR departments typically are understaffed and lack enough time to devote to enrollment. HR departments are being asked to become more efficient in attracting and retaining employees, and ultimately, improving bottom-line results through shifts to more voluntary or high-deductible options. It’s not only enrollment selection but also management, and the only logical direction seems to be automation. From a strategic standpoint, HR can spend more of its valuable time on having the most effect on the organization as a whole.

An important value the HR departments can receive from their online enrollment partner is that employee data can be directly imported into their payroll system, not only for open enrollment but also year-around management of new hire enrollment, life status event changes, etc. Building benefit statements into the enrollment flow is also a valuable service that continually reinforces the critical message of just how much the employer spends on benefits and salary as part of a total-compensation approach.

Fringe Benefit Resources and American Fidelity (with several of their own endorsed products) are among a select group of vendors that market benefits endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and ASHHRA. Representing products that have met standards for quality, stability, dedication to health care and customer service provides these vendors with added credibility. And, the AHA works only with vendors that understand the nuances of hospital employers and employees.

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